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  • Two More Steps Toward the End of the World


    The world has recently taken two more steps toward the end of the world. What were these two important bits of news? Russia has placed restrictions on who can talk about religion, even in private. The United States has used a drone to kill a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil without a trial. In “Conspiracy […]

  • False Prophet or False Prophecy?


    Predictions of Europe being wiped out this year by a biological weapon launched by ISIS is currently circulating the internet. So the question is valid: Is this a true prophecy or a false prophecy? We are warned that in the last days there will be false prophets, and we are told how to detect them. […]

  • Prophecy in the News: Orthodox Leaders Call for Unity


    For the first time since the great schism of 1054, when the Orthodox Church split from the Roman Catholic Church, the leaders of all the Christian orthodox religions will meet together to discuss unity. Many are already calling this the council of the Anti-Christ, fearing that this is the next step in creating one world […]

  • Bathroom Chaos

    gender Identity

    There are many cultures and religions with prophecies about the End Times. One overriding theme is the increasing presence of chaos in the world. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and even Zoroastrians are all waiting for the arrival or return of a Messiah. They differ on when or how He will appear, or what He will […]

  • Aeroscraft – Disruptive Transportation Technology


    Some people are worried about the hover-drones that could soon become common place in the skies. But there is an even bigger shift in the skies on the horizon. This will appeal to the #Steampunk crowd, as well as the #scifi buffs who are looking for the next big shift in transportation. Imagine being able […]

  • Another Author Milestone


    Well, I’ve achieved another milestone as an author this week; the negative review. As an author they are an expected part of reaching a wider audience. Eventually someone is going to decide they don’t like your writing, though I must say some of the statements in the review indicate they either didn’t read the book […]