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  • Another Author Milestone


    Well, I’ve achieved another milestone as an author this week; the negative review. As an author they are an expected part of reaching a wider audience. Eventually someone is going to decide they don’t like your writing, though I must say some of the statements in the review indicate they either didn’t read the book […]

  • Rise of the Independent Party


    “So what makes you think we have so much time?” Gideon cleared his throat. “Well, for example, the current U.S. President. I’m fairly certain President Baldwin fulfilled a minor prophecy, but one that has many to follow.” “The war between the Democrats and the Republicans?” “Yes, that’s the one. You know what I’m talking about?” […]

  • Novel Health Plan – Part 1: The Setup

    scared cat

    Story telling has a long history, that is likely older than the written language. For as long as we’ve shared our experiences, there has been a certain structure to a story. There are many theories and methods of telling a story, and this one is not my own. It comes from Blake Snyder and his […]

  • Conspiracy Rising in the News


    Since I began writing “Conspiracy Rising“, more than three years ago, I have watched time and time again as the world takes one step closer to the future timeline I began spelling out in “Conspiracy Rising.” Today another step has been planned, and this one was so amazing to me that I had to share […]

  • Novel Nutrition: Research Vitamins

    pooh pie

    One often overlooked aspect of Novel Nutrition is Research Vitamins. Even before you start to feed your characters backstory, and before you exercise the plot, make sure they are getting their vital nutrients by providing quality Research Vitamins. Without research, characters might end up doing impossible things, like break the laws of physics, or violate […]

  • January Month End NaNoWrYear Report


    Here are the final numbers for my 250,000 word challenge. January has 31 days, and I need to write 683 words per day to meet the challenge. That means I need to write 25,273 words for the month of November. I wrote 33,228 words in January, which is 131% of my goal! Hooray! What lead […]