Press Release for Conspiracy Rising


Conspiracy Rising reveals the near future

by: Simon Driscoll

February 13, 2015

Chandler, AZ – Simon Driscoll announced today the release of his new book, Conspiracy Rising. Ever wonder where current world events are heading? Simon Driscoll has an answer. Conspiracy Rising traces the lives of ordinary people experiencing one likely outcome of today’s current events as they lead to World War III. He also shows how these events have been prophesied for centuries.

About the Characters

Bryan Benson is out for revenge, prepared to turn the tactics of the terrorists who destroyed his life back upon their own heads. Gideon Shumway is a CIA analyst with a keen insight into how and why these terrorists act. His younger brother, Ben Shumway, is an operative for the CIA, ready to take the fight to the enemy’s home. Their oldest brother, Jon Shumway, has been estranged from the family, but he’s finally coming home for Christmas.

About the Plot

Conspiracy Rising takes the reader on a thrilling ride around the world as terrorist forces square off against each other in an attempt to win public sentiment, with innocent lives as their targets. Some forces are seeking to escalate the conflict, while others work to unmask the true leaders behind these events. This book is not for the faint of heart. Once you’ve caught Simon Driscoll’s vision of our future, you’ll never listen to the news the same way again.


To learn more about Conspiracy Rising, please contact:

Simon Driscoll

Grendelmen Publishing

PO Box 824

Chandler, AZ 85244


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