Warriors & Watchmen Book Synopses

Simon Driscoll has woven prophecies from multiple religions into an engaging fictional account of what the next few years might bring.

“I am writing this series to help readers understand the Prophecies in terms relative to their every day life. If these books bring people to Christ, then they will have served their purpose.” – Simon Driscoll

ConsiracyRising_FRONT_Cover2FBryan Benson is out for revenge, prepared to turn the tactics of the terrorists who destroyed his life back upon their own heads. Gideon Shumway is a CIA analyst with extensive knowledge of these prophecies and how they affect current politics. His younger brother, Ben, is an operative for the CIA, ready to take the fight to the enemy’s home. Their oldest brother, Jon, has been estranged from the family, but he’s finally coming home for Christmas.

We live in an age when prophecies are being fulfilled. While the conflict between good and evil continues rising, who will be able to stand in that day?

PrintSariah Khanum has been the prisoner of the Shadow Council for most of her life. But when the training camp she is being held at is attacked, getting out of the camp becomes the easy part. But can she ever escape the influence of the men who held her captive?

Meanwhile, the world hurtles into World War III. Can Gideon convince the President to prepare for invasion? Or avoid nuclear war?

Fruits of the Shadow is a thrilling look at the near future prophesied by multiple religions throughout time. This is the sequel to Conspiracy Rising, which shows the real fruits of the conspiracy between the Shadow Council and other agents of the dark. Can anyone truly find peace in the future which is sure to come? Find out by reading Fruits of the Shadow.

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