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Q:      What is Conspiracy Rising about?

A:      Conspiracy Rising shows how current events are leading to World War III, and that these events have been prophesied for centuries. It is a mainstream Thriller, following the lives of ordinary people as they live through the fulfillment of extraordinary prophecies.


Q:        What inspired you to write Conspiracy Rising?

A:       People of our day have been predicting a third world war since the second one ended. What’s more, prophets and visionaries have been predicting the End Times since the beginning. All those predictions provide an ample supply of background material. This action thriller series is written to entertain while it educates people about current events and what is coming next.


Q:        What do you feel is your greatest area of strength as a writer?

A:        I have been told by multiple editors my use of dialog is quite strong. But there is something else which every writer must have, which no editor can help them correct; imagination. This is a gift I have worked to cultivate. It is the life source of invention, and the muse of the author. The ability to create several fictional characters so fully that I could tell you everything about them, and then keep track of their reactions throughout a novel, or series comes from having a strong and active imagination. Without it, I could not write.


Q:        Where can your readers learn more about the prophecies which inspired Conspiracy Rising?

A:        References to the prophecies are found in the book. This was done in part to explain the plot twists which would otherwise seem unbelievable. But mostly this was done so the reader can have a place to start in understanding. I am working on an interactive forum where the readers can discuss their own interpretation of the prophecies and explore prophecies which were not included in the book.



Q:        Are you working on a sequel? If so, how many books will be in the series?

A:        Book 2 in the series, Fruits of the Shadow, takes the audience through the first half of World War III and the preparations being made to endure the calamities which are to follow. I have mapped out the prophecies and can easily see 12 books in the series, though there may be more. Some of the later prophecies may have more content than I can now see.


Q:        Do you base your characters on people you know?

A:        Not intentionally. I know people who have struggled through difficulties, and I use those difficulties as back story for the characters. So they have things in common with people I know. But none of the characters are based solely on a single person.


Q:        How would you describe the Warriors & Watchmen Series?

The Warriors and Watchmen series is about the lives of the people living through the prophecies between now and the end of the world. The major plot points are defined by the prophecies and the book is about how the characters react with and interact with the fulfillment of those prophecies.


Q:        What makes your book different from other End Times series?

A:        I do not claim to know all the End Times books in print. However, those I have come across have lacked something which I hope these books establish. The main focus of Warriors and Watchmen is to show the hope and the great things which are happening in the midst of the terrible calamities which are prophesied. Additionally, I want the reader to connect with the characters, so they can see themselves going through the dark days ahead and prepare for them. Finally, I have not limited myself to Biblical prophecies, though I have in no way ignored them. I have included Book of Mormon prophecies, modern prophecies by LDS Prophets, Nostradamus, and Paracelsus, Native American prophecies, as well as what I can understand of the Muslim prophecies. Weaving together the prophecies of the major religions of the world into a cohesive timeline is what sets my book apart the most from other series.


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