The 12th Imam

The 12th Imam, also known as Muhammad al-Mahdi is seen by many as the one who will unite all of Islam in the Last Days. According to the prophecies, he will be a friend of Jesus Christ when he returns, and the two of them will wipe out the Jews. There are many references in the books to the reappearance of this 12th Imam. I am collecting the prophecies and links here.

Reappearance of the 12th Imam

Conspiracy Rising Ref. 2
Fruits of the Shadow Ref. 3

Twelve Shi’as cite various references from the Qur’an and reports, or Hadith, from Imam Mahdi and the Twelve Imams with regard to the reappearance of al-Mahdi who would, in accordance with Allah’s command, bring justice and peace to the world by establishing Islam throughout the world.

Physical Description of the 12th Imam

Conspiracy Rising Ref. 3
Seeds of Chaos Ref. 9

“Physical description of the Imam Mahdi:
1. He will be tall;
2. He will be fair complexioned;
3. His facial features will be similar to those of Rasulullah (SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam);
4. His character will be exactly like that of Rasulullah (Sallallahu AlayhiWasallam);
5. His father’s name will be Abdullah;
6. His mother’s name will be Aamina;
7. He will speak with a slight stutter and occasionally this stutter will frustrate him causing him to hit his hand upon his thigh.;
8. His age at the time of his emergence will be forty years;
9. He will receive Knowledge from Allah.”

Chaos Prior to the Mahdi

Fruits of the Shadow Ref. 31

There are many signs that will precede him, a general and very important sign is that he will come at a time when there is great confutation, intense disputes and violent deaths. When people are afflicted by disturbance and experiencing great fear. Calamities will fall upon the people, so much so that a man shall not find a shelter to shelter himself from oppression. There will be battles and fitnaas before his appearance. Every time a fitnaa has come to end, another will start, spread and intensify. The people will be troubled to such an extent that they will long for death. It is then that Imam Mahdi will be sent.
Source: Hadith

Army from Syria

“Thereafter a huge army will proceed from Syria to attack him but when they will be at Baida, which is between Makkah and Madina, they will be swallowed into the ground. On seeing this, the Abdaals of Shaam as well as large numbers of people from Iraq will come to him and pledge their allegiance to him.”

Roman Treaties

Hadhrat Abu Umamah (R.A.) says that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “There will be four peace agreements between you and the Romans. The fourth agreement will be mediated through a person who will be from the progeny of Hadhrat Haroon (A.S.) and will be upheld for seven years.”

Unseen Voice

While the people will be pledging their allegiance to Imaam Mahdi, a voice from the unseen will call out:
“This is the representative of Allah, The Mahdi, listen to him and obey him”
This announcement which will be heard by all those present will establish his authenticity. Another sign which will indicate the authenticity of Imaam Mahdi will be that in the Ramadhaan prior to his emergence an eclipse of the sun and moon will occur.”



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