Patriarchal Blessings

These blessings are a once in a lifetime occurrence, given by the patriarch of the stake to a member who is prepared. It serves as a guide for life.

Conspiracy Rising Ref. 34
Fruits of the Shadow Ref. 27
Seeds of Chaos Ref. 3

This one was given in 1956, and is recorded in Inspired Prophetic Warnings by Duane S. Crowther, pg 190

You will see nation rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and see a great and bloody war in which the U.S. and her forces will be arranged against Russia and the God of Heaven will look on for awhile, apparently, and then will take over and bring victory to the side of the right, for the God of Heaven will never permit free agency to be trampled under foot and swept from the face of the earth.

 – The recipient was likely born before 1942, which means in 2012 (s)he was at least 70 years old. This war cannot be far off.

Conspiracy Rising Ref. 38
Fruits of the Shadow Ref. 34
Seeds of Chaos Ref. 5

This one was given in 1953, and is recorded in Inspired Prophetic Warnings by Duane S. Crowther, pg 189

You will live to see the world go through another world war, for the mother country will be attacked by a strong European power. This war will be largely in the air and under the surface of the ocean, and the waters will be unsafe for the ordinary traffic and the heavens will be unsafe, for deadly bombs will be sent to the affliction of the cities of this great country and, in turn we will afflict them with bombs and you will live to see the mother country cleansed as the inside of a platter, for traitor after traitor will be suspicioned and detected and apprehended. You will live to see the God of Heaven take over, as it were, and bring this war to a speedy victory to America and her allies. You will see Russia go down to defeat never to come up again as a major world power, and you will live to see the gospel go into that country after the war has been brought to a termination, and a great and glorious work will be accomplished in that land.

 – Given that this blessing was given in 1953, it probably seemed impossible for the gospel to travel into Russia. Yet it has already happened. There has not been a war that fits the description given here. America was never afflicted with bombs, and certainly not after 1953. For this prophetic blessing to be fulfilled, the gospel would have to be driven from Russia, and then return to it again, after Russia is destroyed as a nation. Right now forces within Russia are working to turn back the clock and bring Communism back as a means to give power back to the weakened government of that land.

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