Accommodating the Faithless

We live in an age which accommodates a lack of faith. Everything which once was understood only through faith is now given a lesser explanation which does not require placing any trust in God. The purpose of this accommodation is to stunt the spiritual growth of people in our day. Below are some ways in which this world accommodates those without faith or even belief in God.

Evolution: The theory of evolution has been championed by those who seek a way to remove God from our society. It has become a religion unto itself, ignoring any scientifically gathered evidence which questions its main tenants. The theory requires that the Earth was formed billions of years ago to explain why we haven’t seen any significant changes in any species around the world in living memory. They point to the two different species of squirrels found on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon and claim they all came from one species which existed before the Grand Canyon became too deep and wide for them to cross. This theory offers an alternative explanation to God’s creation of the Earth and the Universe. We don’t need God in order to understand how we came to be because science has given us the theory of evolution.

Psychiatry: Two hundred years ago, if a person was afflicted with panic attacks, heard voices, or felt external urges to harm themselves or others, they were taken to the priests who attempted to exorcise the evil and unclean spirits from their bodies. This is still practiced in a limited way today. Most faiths encourage people to turn to psychiatry rather than an exorcism, and it has become generally accepted that most of the time, it is a mental disorder and not a spiritual attack. We don’t need to believe in the Devil to explain why someone sees things that aren’t there or hears voices no one else can hear or to understand why someone would kill themselves or cut their own flesh, or have a psychotic break (experiencing a reality which does not correspond with the common physical world). We can turn to psychiatry and say they are schizophrenic or bipolar or borderline personality. Virtually no psychiatrist would prescribe an exorcism or consult with a priest when presented with someone having a psychotic break. Instead, they give them medications which work in a way we don’t understand. We know they help because others have experienced relief in the past who took this medicine. They do not cure the mental illness, but instead merely help control the symptoms so that other forms of therapy can be used. This is generally a long drawn-out process of months, or years, which even the best in the business can only claim helps 75% of the afflicted, at best. If I give them the benefit of the doubt and say that 75% of those who present with a mental illness actually have one, that still leaves at least 1 person in 4 who may be experiencing an encounter with evil or unclean spirits. It is more likely that the majority of those experiencing a mental illness are afflicted by an evil or unclean spirit, and that the medications and therapy help people to either overcome them or learn to live with it.

Separation of Church and State: When the Constitution was founded, based upon the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence, it was based on the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. That is to say, men (and women) are given certain rights by their Creator which no government has the authority to take away. Chief among them are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. (They wrote happiness rather than property to avoid giving the slave owners a method of retaining slavery forever.) However, society has worked to remove all mention of God and the Creator from our law books, our laws, and our government at all levels. The original intent was that the government could not tell any one religion what to do, so long as they did not violate the 10 Commandments. Yes, even adultery was illegal in many states. Some of the commandments are impossible to legislate, such as having no other Gods before Him. However, the Constitution was designed to govern over a collection of God-fearing peoples. It was never designed to govern over people without a belief in the God of the Bible. The Constitution has been twisted, distorted, violated, and ignored in a growing effort to remove God from our public lives.

Global Climate Change: If ever there was a group of false prophets, the Climate Change proponents qualify. They make predictions about the end of mankind, and it will all be our fault. They use lies and distortions to support their claims and require such strenuous measures to meet their demands that it would choke the lifeblood out of the economy. We know we live in an age of turmoil and it will only continue to get worse. The Devil knew this time period would come, and if he didn’t give us another explanation, many would realize that this is the beginning of God’s symphony of preaching through destruction. The fear of God would reenter the hearts of men and they would repent and prepare for the coming day of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But with Global Climate Change, we can explain all the natural disasters and blame it on Corporate America, on Big Business, and Big Government. Of course, the answer is bigger government, controlling businesses, making it the biggest government and biggest business of all time. We don’t need to look to true prophets and the revelations they recorded when all the hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and changing weather can be explained as man’s own effect on the environment. It doesn’t matter how many times their lies are exposed, or how much evidence mounts against their theories. It doesn’t matter that they used to call it Global Cooling, then Global Warming, and now wrap up both blistering heat waves and frigid weather into one title of Global Climate Change. No matter how much their predictions fail to come true, they continue to grow in power and influence, leaving us with no reason to believe the prophets of old who foretold this day would come.


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