Raw Footage from the Writing Trenches

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve written today. It’s raw and unedited.

“Well done,” Andi said. “That was a beautiful weave.”

“Beautiful?” Eyroc repeated. “You talk as if you can actually see the threads.”

“I can,” Andi said simply.

“How?” Eyroc had been taught right away that the threads of magic were normally invisible.

“It is my Innate Ability, and a byproduct of my birth.”

“You were born a mage?” Eyroc asked.

Andi nodded.

“How is that even possible?” Eyroc asked.

“At what age does a person become eligible to be a mage?” Andi asked.

“Fourteen,” Eyroc said automatically.

Andi shook his head. “That is the earliest age when the test can be legally administered. Have you ever heard of people acquiring magic earlier than that?”

Eyroc almost said no, but then he thought back to the day he’d been presented to the Apprentice Council. There was a boy there who looked no older than ten, who claimed he’d become a mage six years before, at age nine. “I’ve only seen one.”

“That is because child mages are a closely guarded secret,” Grayson said. “Anyone who appears less than fourteen-years-old, regardless of their actual age, ability, or control, is kept in Shamballa, locked away from prying eyes.”

“Why?” Eyroc asked. “What’s so dangerous about a child mage?”

“You came into your powers at age seventeen, right?” Zander asked.

Eyroc nodded.

“Have you ever misused your magic, or felt out of control?” Zander pressed.

“Yes,” Eyroc said. “Of course I have. Bixby said it happens to everyone.”

“Control of magic is tied to our emotions,” Andi said. “Image what would happen if an immature three-year-old had the power you now possess. What do you think would happen when he got upset?”

Eyroc swallowed hard at the thought. “He could accidentally turn all his caregivers into children.”

Andi nodded. “Precisely. Your gift is not the most deadly this world has seen, but every Innate Ability is dangerous if it gets out of control.”

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