Trumpcare Failure Could Lead to War

There are a few important factors in the ‘failure’ of Trumpcare which could lead to war between the political parties. First, we have a President that ‘punches back twice as hard.’ Second, we have serious disagreements within the Republican Party and the Democratic Party about the ideology of the parties. Third, the President has little political experience.

President Trump has been very clear in stating that if someone punches him in the face he will punch back twice as hard. This can only be sustained until he meets a force greater than his own. Imagine such a man accidentally walking into a brick wall. He would perceive the wall to have hit him, so he would punch back twice as hard as before. Ultimately he would perceive the wall as having hit him again, only twice as hard. Obviously, this would escalate until either the man ran out of strength or the wall crumbled. That wall has stood up in the form of the conservative portion of the Republican Party, partially known as the Freedom Caucus.

Now that the Republican Party has ‘control’ of two branches of government, it must show what it is truly made of. What we saw last week was two parts of the Republican Party fighting over the future of this country. There is the Freedom Caucus, and those who truly want limited government, as defined in the Constitution. Then there are the moderate and progressive Republicans who seem to think big government is okay, as long as they control it. The fight over social programs, such as the Affordable Care Act, will show which side of the debate these two factions are on.

Meanwhile, there is political wrangling within the Democratic Party as well. It isn’t as obvious because it is easier for the Democrats to stand together against the current administration, just as the Republicans did for the previous administration. However, now that the Progressives have obtained the first major step toward true Socialism, a journey they began one century ago, some members of the Democratic Party are beginning to question that goal.

The statement made by President Trump after the failure of Trumpcare, that he would reach out to the Democrats, reminded me of another Republican without prior political experience whose views changed after his first failure. He became Governor of a very powerful state after a very chaotic and confusing election which was only eclipsed in recent memory by the Presidental Election of 2016. When this Republican Governor took on the Public Workers’ Unions, including the Teachers’ Union, they performed a character assassination which demoralized him to the point that he quickly switched his policies and tactics and began to act like a Democrat. I am speaking, of course about Governor Arnold Schwartzenneger. If Trump follows this pattern, he could become more and more like a Democrat in his policies when he sees that he cannot get his way.

There is much chaos among the political parties, and factions within the Republican Party were forced to take sides last week. It won’t be the last time, and with a President who ‘punches back twice as hard’ and holds long grudges, these issues could tear the Republican Party apart or lead it to war with the Democrats, depending on how Trump plays his hand.

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