ISIL Posts List of Churches to Attack

ISIL, (ISIS) has put out a supposedly encrypted call to action to attack churches and other public places at the start of the new year. This is just one more example of a partial fulfillment of the predictions made in the Warriors & Watchmen Series. While I admit it would be a stronger case if these attacks actually take place, I would not wish to wait until after the fact to bring people’s attention to it, nor do I wish for this attack to succeed.

In my book, Conspiracy Rising, I showed a terrorist group attacking seven large Catholic churches along the Eastern seaboard of the United States as Midnight Mass on Christmas morning was letting out. With church being on a Sunday this year, that may have been an obvious time to attack. For some reason, ISIL has chosen their day as January 1st, which will also be a Sunday. Why they chose this day over any other is not truly important.

The fact is that in my book I showed one group publish a list of 100 Mosques around the world as a tool to force the Mosque leaders to denounce terrorism as an acceptable part of Islam. This is a list of churches and other public sites which would be good targets, according to the leaders of ISIL. What’s more, in my book the terrorists were more organized, and focused their attack on seven churches. How close this threat will come to the events I used in my book remains to be seen. The possible resemblance to what I have published gives me one more chance to call your attention to the book as a good resource to see possible motives behind threats like these.

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