Refugees a Rising Problem

Some estimates say there are as many as five million refugees across Europe and they are not always welcome by everyone. Recently the refugees on the isle of Chios were attacked on two successive nights. These attacks may continue unless the culprits are brought to justice. Yet these refugees have little in the way of protection. For the full story, follow this link:

Refugee camp on Chios. Source: the guardian

Refugee camp on Chios. Source: the guardian

This is one of the many shadows of the future which I’ve been warning about in my book series. The number of refugees will not decrease anytime soon. Wars and rumors of wars will continue to increase until the globe is consumed in one eternal round of warfare. At that day the prophecy will truly be fulfilled that every man who will not take up his sword must flee to Zion for safety.

What do we call a person who has to flee their home to save their life? We call them a refugee. Regardless of where they come from or what religion they hold dear, these people need our help and we need to provide it. As the prophecy states, you too may one day be a refugee and when Christ returns he will judge all of us according to how we judge others.

lifting-handsThe number of refugees is currently around five million. This could easily escalate to fifty million in the next ten years. This is a growing problem, not a temporary situation. If there is anyone who has ideas on how to help, or the ability to help, I encourage you to prayerfully follow your heart in this matter. Lifting Hands Internation is only one of the charitable organizations that is doing so much good with these refugees. I personally know the founder and can tell you that she is truly making a positive difference. Help her help others.

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