Two More Steps Toward the End of the World

shoe-print-blue-mdThe world has recently taken two more steps toward the end of the world. What were these two important bits of news? Russia has placed restrictions on who can talk about religion, even in private. The United States has used a drone to kill a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil without a trial.

Shipka-russian-churchIn “Conspiracy Rising,” fictitious Russian President Oleg Nevsky placed restrictions on religious preaching of any kind, in an effort to prevent an escalation of conflict between religions, or in other words, to prevent terrorist attacks. In the book, this was a reaction to a terrorist bombing. I made this prediction based on speeches by President Vladimir Putin and others in Russian leadership, proclaiming “Civilization is on the verge of deconstruction, and only Russia can become a center of consolidation of all the healthy forces and resistance to the sodomization of the world”. – Konstantin Malofeev

FCS-MULE-ARV-2007At the same time, the United States Government seems to be affirming Russia’s opinion of us. Using a robotic agent to end a police stand-off by killing the suspect sets an unhealthy precedent. Many people will argue that the use of the drone prevented any further loss of life. Many will say it was the best choice under the circumstances. Others will argue that it sets a very dangerous precedent. The next time there is a hostage situation, it might be easier to send in a robot to kill the hostage takers. Bomb-robots-26-June-2013.jpg.scale.LARGEThe next time there is a high-speed chase, it would probably be safer to use a drone to take out the vehicle, before the driver hits an innocent civilian. The next time any police officer’s life is in danger, it may be safer to send in a robot to subdue or kill the suspect. But why wait until an officer’s life is in danger? Why not identify those who are a threat to peace and order and remove them before they endanger others?

Russia is claiming to be the most moral country in the world because they have the pure Christian religion, which they are willing to protect as a government. America has proven its willingness to use military tactics to maintain law and order. Where is the real moral high ground in all this?

Prophecy says Russia will invade America. Events like this show it is closer than most people want to believe.


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