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Mile_marker.svg.medWell, I’ve achieved another milestone as an author this week; the negative review. As an author they are an expected part of reaching a wider audience. Eventually someone is going to decide they don’t like your writing, though I must say some of the statements in the review indicate they either didn’t read the book closely, or they are vindictively posting a negative review.

It’s true, I posted a negative review only a couple days before this review was left, and I accused that author of almost the same things this review used against me. In addition, they gave me the same star rating as I gave the other: 2 stars. I don’t have direct evidence that this was revenge, but I can say that the review is inaccurate.

Censored_rubber_stamp.svg.medThe most disturbing claim is that Orphan Dani includes discussion of suicide and seduction. No one in the book commits suicide or even discusses it. As for seduction, I really don’t know what they are referring to. This is supposed to be a book suitable for 8 and up, and I had several people, including mothers review the book for suitability to that age group. None of them indicated there were any problems.

giant-mdOn the other hand, the book I reviewed did have some nudity and a reference to domestic violence. The first was obvious, with women swimming naked when the hero comes upon them. The second is more subtle when the giant princess is afraid of her husband, the warlord. The shudder she has when looking at him immediately made me think he was beating her. If that’s not the intent of the author, a rewrite seems appropriate. Both of these scenes are fine in a YA novel, but the length of their book is that of a chapter book.

thought_cloud_jon_philli_01.svg.medThe negative reviewer also claimed there were things the characters in Orphan Dani knew that they shouldn’t have, and things they had already been told which they later forgot. Again I don’t know what they are referring to, but it was used as evidence to indicate the book needs to be edited, as if I had skipped that step. I did use a professional editor who I trust enough to say they would have warned me if any of the accusations of this negative reviewer were true.

In the review I left, I indicated their book included errors in capitalization, spaces missing, improper word usage, and many other errors that should have been spotted by a copyeditor, though most of them should have been discovered when the author reviewed their own work. The proliferation of errors suggests the author rushed to self-publish.

So in all, the negative review I left seems eerily reflected in the negative review I received. If you have read Orphan Dani, and disagree with the negative review, I encourage you to leave a review of your own on Amazon. The best way to fight a bad review is to post a good one.

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