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ConsiracyRising_FRONT_Cover2FSince I began writing “Conspiracy Rising“, more than three years ago, I have watched time and time again as the world takes one step closer to the future timeline I began spelling out in “Conspiracy Rising.” Today another step has been planned, and this one was so amazing to me that I had to share it.

On page 67 of “Conspiracy Rising,” a new Pope is elected, and as his first official act, even in the same speech as his acceptance, he announces his intention to hold a Christian Leaders’ Conference, with the intent of greater unity among all Christian denominations. Up until recently, I thought such a meeting stretched the imagination, and made for a great story-line, but not a very likely one.

However, with the announcement of the grand council of Orthodox churches in June, the world has once more taken a step ever closer to the timeline I invented (at least I thought I invented it). Even now, some are calling it the council of the anti-Christ. The timeline was meant to show one possible path to fulfilling the prophecies I collected from around the world, and through all eras of time. I comforted myself in knowing that many of the prophecies I chose were given by people whose status as a prophet was disputed, doubtful, or downright disproven.

CrossFire.svg.medThere was a vague reference to a war between Democrats and Republicans, so I wrote in the future back story of the first novel, that this war took place because the Electoral College was unable to elect a president. It seemed easy enough to believe a strong third party candidate could take a few states. That’s all that would be required in order to keep either of the two major parties from being selected by the Electoral College. Most of the elections in recent memory could have been swung the other way by one or two states, and I don’t just mean California.

Now we have an election year where that becomes ever more a possibility, with the large movement against Republican entrenched management, and the front-runner of that movement is very central on the political scale, appealing both to disenfranchised Democrats and dissatisfied Republicans. It is easy enough to find dissatisfaction with the two-party system. A recent poll showed more people identify themselves as independent than either of the two major parties. The world is ready for such a future to occur.

alarmI wrote my future timeline happening as soon in the future as I could possibly imagine, and I might have given us too much time before the start of the end, based on what I’m seeing in the news these days. I don’t want to be seen as an alarmist, and I understand that the world events ebb and sway. We move closer to an event, then back the other way, then closer again.

With each step closer to making my fictional timeline more fact than fiction, I feel an ever increasing need to let the world know that the news means more than I used to think. The problems of the future are happening now. If you can see the signs of the times of trouble, then the difficulties ahead won’t be as scary, or catch you unprepared.

That was the purpose in writing the Warriors & Watchmen Series anyway. I wanted to warn the world, so more people could choose now whether they want to be a Warrior or a Watchman. It’s easier to make the right choice before passionate speeches are made in the heat of the moment. So my question to you is, are you prepared? Are you sure?

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