January Month End NaNoWrYear Report

monthly-calendar-mdHere are the final numbers for my 250,000 word challenge.

January has 31 days, and I need to write 683 words per day to meet the challenge. That means I need to write 25,273 words for the month of November.

I wrote 33,228 words in January, which is 131% of my goal! Hooray!

perfect-score-mdWhat lead me to such success? I love tracking things, and knowing that I needed to get in those 700 words per day encouraged me to sit down at the keyboard for an hour or two each day and write something. After all, that’s the purpose of this goal. There were seven days in January where I wrote nothing. Not a single word worth tracking. I knew that would happen, and I didn’t let it discourage me. However, knowing I had a goal to meet got me back to the keyboard the next day. None of those seven days were consecutive.

cat sleep keyboard

(Image courtesy of technobuffalo.com.)

Last year I had weeks go by without writing anything. Writing is therapeutic for me, so if I’m not writing, I have nervous energy without a place to go. Lately life has been especially difficult, so I’m grateful for this goal and how it has helped me write on a regular basis again.

Additionally, it has reminded me of the other resolutions I set at the beginning of the year. It’s time for me to revisit those, and see how I’m doing. Perhaps you can do the same and share your thoughts, successes, and failures below.

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