2016 NaNoWrYear Challenge

This year, instead of trying to write 50,000 words in the month of November, I’m going to set a new challenge for myself. I’m going to write 250,000 words for the year. It’s my National Novel Writing Year Challenge.

internet-typing1This challenge includes all writing, in all my book series, as well as blog posts. That comes out to less than 700 words per day, if I write every day, which I know I won’t. Each month I pledge to post my progress on this challenge, and I invite you to set your own writing challenge for the year.

I know that not everyone can write 250,000 words in a year, and for most people, I don’t recommend trying. You’ll hurt your brain. However, with the recent completion of Seeds of Chaos, (Book 3 in the Warriors & Watchmen Series) I realized I wrote about 200,000 words in 2015, if I only count those which are worthy of publishing. So this year I have to step up my game, track my progress, and see just how prolific of a writer I really am.

In most genres, this would mean about two and a half publishable books in a year. But I’m writing in the Christian Thriller genre, the Tween Fantasy genre, the Hard Sci-Fi genre, and planning to write non-fiction this year. Each genre has its own expected book lengths, and if I meet my challenge, I should be able to publish a bit more than three books in 2016, if you include those which are prepped for editing from 2015.

I look forward to hearing your own experiences in setting your goals for writing this year.


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