Fruits of the Shadow is now available!

Fruits of the ShadowBook 2 of the Warriors & Watchmen series is now in print! Fruits of the Shadow is the thrilling sequel to Warriors & Watchmen. It is available for purchase HERE.

Sariah Khanum, daughter to the rightful king of Iran, was kidnapped before her fifth birthday. Now, more than twenty years later, she has a chance to escape the terrorists who’ve kept her captive. But if she reunites with her family, it will put all their lives at risk. Escaping the camp was easy compared to escaping Pakistan. But even if she makes it to America, will she ever truly be free?

Meanwhile, the world continues its inevitable march into World War III. The Shadow Council and their dark allies have brought their conspiracy to fruition, setting the superpowers of the world at odds with each other. Gideon Shumway continues advising the President, as best he can. Benjamin Shumway Jr. is behind enemy lines and cut off from support. Can he make it out of Pakistan?

Fruits of the Shadow is the thrilling sequel to Conspiracy Rising. Simon Driscoll continues the vision of our near future painted by the prophecies of multiple religions. The Warriors & Watchmen Series follows the lives of ordinary and extraordinary people to give a wide range of understanding of the End Times Prophecies set in the near future.

We live in an age when Prophecies are being fulfilled. When the dark forces bring their secret plans to fruition, where can we find hope and peace?

“This series is being written to give hope in the coming times of turmoil and confusion. By giving people a better understanding of what is to come, I hope they can be prepared rather than afraid.” – Simon Driscoll

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