Can the parties work together, or tear each other apart?

Quotes taken from:

“As Republicans take control of both chambers of Congress for the first time since 2006, their leaders, like new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have been promising to become more productive, especially in advance of the 2016 presidential elections. But after years of fierce partisan warfare, Americans are deeply skeptical that more will get done in Washington.”

The term ‘partisan warfare’ sticks out in this commentary. How far would the two parties have to go for history to look back and declare it a war between the parties?


“Few Americans are expecting much cooperation between parties despite talk that Obama and the Republicans might be able to find common ground on some issues in his last two years in office. Polarized Politics, American PublicJust 18% of Democrats believed that Republican leaders would cooperate a great deal or fair amount with the White House and 37% of Republicans shared that view.”

Both sides of the aisle seem to agree that the other side is not likely to cooperate. With major concerns such as the lack of an official budget, change in foreign policy, border security, and skyrocketing national debt, what hope is there of resolving these issues without some form of radical change?

It has been prophesied that a third party will be formed out of the two existing parties, in order to close that rift. Would anyone be truly surprised to see a strong Independent party candidate in 2016?

Why do I mention this? Only because such a war, resolved by the formation of a third party, is the herald of darker days to come.


Simon D.


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