About the opening scene

The opening scene of Conspiracy Rising takes place in Warsaw, Poland. Some might ask why I began with the death of a Pope. Quite simply, I felt it was the right place to start. The prophecy was made by Nostradamus (Quatrain 2:97) and interpreted by Delores Cannon in Conversations With Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained, Vol. 1 pg 192.

Delores’ interpretation is much easier to understand than the original Quatrain, yet even the original seems fairly clear. Interpreting prophecies is always tricky, which is why this series is a work of fiction, not a book of prophecy. I have no ill feelings towards the Pope. My choice in opening the book this way is not a social commentary on Catholicism, but is based solely in the predictions of others.

My goal in writing these books is first to entertain and second to educate people about the prophecies others have made about the last days. If you wish to discuss this particular prophecy further, you can do so here.

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