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  • The Dark Eagle

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    Coming Soon! The Dark Eagle Book 1 of the Ruin and Restoration Series If you’re a fan of the Warriors & Watchmen Series, you’re going to love the Ruin and Restoration Series! That’s because the Warriors & Watchmen Series is being upgraded to the Ruin & Restoration Series by adding a co-author, and starting the […]

  • Simon Says: Does God Lie to His Prophets?


    Dear Simon, Does God lie to his prophets? The following scriptures seem to indicate that he does. What do you say? 1 Kings 22:23 Now, therefore, behold, the Lord hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of these thy prophets, and the Lord hath spoken evil concerning thee. 2 Chronicles 18:22 Now therefore, behold, […]

  • A Big Step Forward


    President Trump has attacked Syria with the backing of France and England. Russia has taken this strike as an insult to President Putin while their state media urges their citizens to prepare for nuclear war. As I mentioned before, this is the political dance which carries us right up to the brink of disaster. It’s […]

  • Another Step Toward WWIII

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    There is a terrible theater happening on the world stage. The Syrian people were hit by a second chemical attack since all the chemical weapons were removed from Syria by Russia. Last time, one year ago, Syria and Russia denied any involvement, the UN did nothing, and Trump responded with a missile attack. There is little […]

  • Accommodating the Faithless


    We live in an age which accommodates a lack of faith. Everything which once was understood only through faith is now given a lesser explanation which does not require placing any trust in God. The purpose of this accommodation is to stunt the spiritual growth of people in our day. Below are some ways in […]

  • Raw Footage from the Writing Trenches

    Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve written today. It’s raw and unedited. “Well done,” Andi said. “That was a beautiful weave.” “Beautiful?” Eyroc repeated. “You talk as if you can actually see the threads.” “I can,” Andi said simply. “How?” Eyroc had been taught right away that the threads of magic were normally invisible. “It […]